Call it a slippery slope. Detractors of the transgender movement say that if bathrooms laws, for example, are changed, then there’d be a domino effect, until free speech for other citizens are eliminated.

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Ostensibly, the Ireland government instituted the Criminal Justice Act to protect transgendered individuals from hate crimes. But the language is dangerously vague, allowing law enforcement to become drunk with power when it comes to enforcement.

A previous law existed on the books, called the Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences Act. It had been in place for over a decade. But only 50 cases, in that entire time, were brought for prosecution. With that as a base, detractors argue that the initial law wasn’t very effective, so why build on it?

This new one makes it easier to prosecute people for acts specifically against transgendered individuals. But if a man in a wig sits down and orders a meal, and the waitress accidentally addresses the man as “sir,” when “she” identifies as a woman, because the waitress assumed it was a dude with long hair, can she now be prosecuted for hate speech?

With language this vague, the answer is yes. Here’s the scariest part. Accidentally misgendering someone can land you in jail. The language is so vague that it’s entirely possible with an ultra, liberal over-zealous prosecutor.

The government of Ireland is intentionally split between three parties on average, but the mayor of Dublin has spent millions of taxpayer funds to have the police force undergo a special LGBT training course. She’d be eager to give her prosecutors a nice amount of power to prosecute speech, however mild it might be. That could land you two years in the can.

Zero Hedge notes that in a poll, only 25% of Irish citizens approved of this updated legislation. The will of the people in being squashed, while Ireland aims to be the next progressive, anti-speech pioneer. Look at what can happen if we allow these small changes. More and more will be desired, until you’ve landed in jail for just thinking something non PC. God save Ireland.

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