Patrick Bet-David welcomed war veteran and political commentator Rob Smith to the PBD Podcast on Wednesday!

Here are some of the highlights (click here to watch the entire episode) …

1. An analysis of Ron DeSantis

The hot topic of the week comes first — conversations on DeSantis’ presidential bid with Elon Musk were addressed. Patrick asked the conservative about his thoughts on the Florida governor.

WATCH: “Mainstream Media Is Losing Their Minds!” – DeSantis 2024 Presidential Bid With Elon Musk

Smith’s major talking points: “First of all, what people have to understand about Ron DeSantis is that he loathes the mainstream media. He really does not like these people, ok? These people attack him – so this is a brilliant move to take his announcement to Twitter and to Elon Musk because he knows that that is going to be the most powerful platform. Twitter is the most powerful free speech platform in the world right now, so that is where he is going to take his message.

“This is a very smart man, smart individual, policy-wise. I think the issue that he is going to have is in these interactions with regular people, the sort of, small talk. The things that you have to do in somebody that is an entrepreneur, a politician or someone that is a public figure – these are not things that come natural to him and it becomes very obvious after you spend five minutes with him.”

“I think the long-term strategy, in his eyes, is to de-legitimize mainstream media in the eyes of the people that are his actual base.”

2. On the NAACP and others labeling Florida hostile and a potential Terrorist state

A recent report indicates that Pride organizations are cancelling events all over Florida due to climate of fear after state passes “anti-LGBTQ” laws. Patrick asks Smith how much of this story is real and how much of it is an effort to continue smearing DeSantis’ leadership and the success Florida has had in the past few years.

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Smith’s major talking points: “It’s ridiculous. I’m a black, gay dude, and Aisha Mills is full of sh*t. What’s going on here – you have to understand, there are a lot of different things going on here. I think that the left is more scared of Ron DeSantis than they are of Donald Trump just because they know how to deal with Trump and they’re not quite sure how to deal with DeSantis. So, there’s a lot of this political stuff that is happening that is trying to make it seem as if Florida is just this apartheid state and if you are black or gay or both or whatever, then you just live in this constant fear and constant danger – it is completely ridiculous.

“The alphabet people, the rainbow people – I don’t identify with any of that stuff, I’m just a gay dude. They are becoming this sort of target market for the democrats – they want to make them another victim group like they’ve made Black people a victim group, like they’ve tried to make Latinos a victim group.”

In order to do this, “they have to push their propaganda that says that you can’t live in Florida, ‘all of this stuff is bad’ – it is completely ridiculous. It’s not based in reality.”

3. Democrats once again attempting to buy Black votes by pushing reparations

The battle over reparations continues to heat up across the country, with some cities considering massive payments. Representative Cori Bush, a Democrat from Missouri, and several other lawmakers proposed the Reparations NOW resolution last week. It proposes $14 trillion in reparations for Black Americans.

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Smith’s major talking points: This is what the left does and what Democrats do when they are trying to appeal to Black Americans. They have nothing substantial to offer Black Americans in terms of policies. They know that their policies are actually detrimental to the lives of African Americans.

So every election year comes up and ‘here’s the handout. Here’s some reparations.’ I don’t know how long people are going to fall for it. If they keep falling for this stuff, Democrats are going to keep pushing it.

The issues that these Black communities is not a political issue, it is a cultural issue. The great Allan West – I was watching a video of him debating a college leftist – basically said, ‘the fundamental problems in the African American community are not going to be solved by the government. They are going to be solved by the family structure. Why are there no men in the house. Where is the family structure. The Federal government has deemphasized fathers in the household for the better part of the last 40 m50, 60 years. Until you fix that, none of these other problems are going to get fixed.

But Democrats don’t wan’t to fix the problem. They want to pretend like they are fixing the problems and they want to basically buy Black votes.”

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