It’s not often when an NBA team becomes available for purchase, so big names will be attached when it happens. 

In the case of the Phoenix Suns’ upcoming sale, Larry Ellison of Oracle has been mentioned. So has Bob Iger, former CEO of Disney. And Jeff Bezos, for the first time, is getting some serious run as a potential purchaser. 

The biggest name of all, at least the biggest person attached to a name, is Shaquille O’Neal, who’s thrown himself onto the short list of people who might want to buy the team from Robert Sarver. 

The only problem is that Big Shaq has the smallest net worth. He’s not a multi-billionaire like those others, and Forbes pegs his net worth around $400 million, so he’s either going to have to do a lot more commercials for The General Insurance or find a teammate. 

And if he were to pick a partner, it would be Bezos. That’s what he told TMZ recently. 

“Nobody on this planet can compete with Big Man JB. Because you know what? I just ordered 50 things off Amazon today. Big Man, JB got that money coming in.”

For Shaq to team up with Bezos, the Amazon chairman would have to want to partner with Shaq.  And it doesn’t seem like they’ve gotten that far yet. 

“If he wants me on board, I would gladly like to talk to him. But as far as trying to own a whole team by myself and go up against — let me tell you something, I’m scared of Big Man JB. Shaq O’Neal is scared of Big Man JB.”

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