Have you seen the last few Thursday Night Football games on Amazon Prime? They’ve sucked. No action, no scoring, and no reason to watch. 

An alternative for the league and the streamer could be to televise the NFL Owner’s meetings because there are more fireworks, trash-talking, and action than a month’s worth of Thursday Night snooze-fests.

The 32 multi-billionaires in the most exclusive club in the world are gathering in New York City for their annual fall meetings, and two of the most famous team owners were involved in one heck of a verbal tussle. 

Reports say Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones laid the smackdown on 80-year-old, newly married Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft when the subject of contract negotiations with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell came up. 

ESPN reported Seth Wickersham had the story about what the Goodall-hating Jones told the commish’s good buddy Kraft; 

“Don’t f*** with me,” the Cowboys iconic owner told the silver fox. 

Kraft reportedly responded, “Excuse me?” 

I mean, come on, Kraft is on his freaking honeymoon.  Does he really need this type of grief?

Here’s what the beef was about The owners were discussing the extension of Goodell’s contract. Jones is ticked that the bonuses in Goodell’s contract are too easy to attain, and he also doesn’t love that Goodell has made $128 million in the past two years.  Jones feels the people who deserve the credit for the NFL’s good fortune are the owners. 

He’s alone, in his opinion.  The owners voted 31-1 in favor of giving Goodell another fat check. 


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