We all love our dogs and watch out for their well being, but we want them to enjoy themselves once in a while a little bit, too. How about a little love for dog civil liberties?

But Florida Democratic State Senator Lauren Book wants to change that. In the name of animal welfare protection, she wants to make it illegal to allow a dog to stick it’s head out of the window.

It would only be a violation for now, but expect the change in legislation to be more of a pilot program to institute harsher punishments in the future.

There are some good parts about the bill that are hard to argue with, like putting an animal abuser on a national offender registry, like what is done for sex offenders.

Source: Me, that’s my dog

But that’s the problem with legislative mind games. Elected officials will advocate for something controversial, and couple it with a no brainer to ensure its passage.

We’ll follow the progress of this woof-fully misinformed bill and keep you posted.

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