The crime situation in San Francisco is so bad, and out of control, even their incredibly woke mayor is calling for more police protection and admitting criminals are ruining her city. 

A new phenomenon is occurring in the City by the Bay; car owners leave their trunks open when parked in public to avoid having their windows smashed by thieves.  

Across the Bay, a similar thing is happening in Oakland, as daily life for law-abiding citizens has become a nightmare for many. 

The SFPD has reported a 32% increase in car break-ins.  Auto theft is up 25% from a year ago. 

Wait, it gets worse; in popular tourist destinations, car break-ins are up 200%. 

The police are warning residents not to leave their trunks open for many reasons. One is because thieves could go into car owners’ glove compartments and find out where they live. 

San Francisco has a progressive liberal DA named Chesa Boudin.  George Soros funded his campaign, and his office is releasing car thieves with little or no jail time because of California’s “zero-bail” policy. 

Smash and grabs have been on the rise in the Bay Area all year, with organized rings recruiting young crooks and paying them $500 to $1,000 to steal certain items that can be re-sold on the internet. 

In 2014, Proposition 47 was enacted in California, which barred prosecutors from charging suspected shoplifters accused of stealing merchandise worth less than $950. 

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