Voter fraud court cases are now beginning to pop up around the country as we can start to see some of the allegations being brought to light. From Arizona to Michigan to Pennsylvania, the cases are going before the courts.

In Michigan, an attorney argued to a Michigan judge that not allowing the state to certify the Nov. 3 results would empower the “right-wing fire.” The lawsuit claims Republican poll challengers were removed from the TCF Center in Detroit while absentee ballots were processed, ballots were backdated, ballot signatures were not verified, along with a whole list of other irregularities. Attorney’s are asking the judge to order an audit of Detroit’s vote and suspend certification of the results until the audit is completed.

The lawsuit is one of a handful in Michigan that all center around the vote counting process.

In Arizona, a judge refused to seal evidence, including a video taken at a polling place and the names and identities of witnesses who claimed that thousands of votes in Maricopa County were unlawfully disqualified.

In Pennsylvania, court cases are centering around dead people voting, and cleaning up a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that allowed votes to continue to be counted in the days following the election. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently agreed to review an election case where a Commonwealth Court judge decided that observers should be allowed to be within 6 feet of those counting ballots in Philadelphia. A previous judge had ruled that 15 feet was close enough.

As ballots continue to be counted, court cases continue to be heard, so for now, stay tuned.

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