If you’re a movie fan, there is a good chance that you have seen Margot Robbie in her underwear.

Robbie has appeared in her underwear or a bikini in 55.6% of her movies, the highest rate of any actress, according to British researchers at Bingo Sites. (Whose job is this?!)

And you thought the leader would be Megan Fox. Well, she is second at 53.3%.

Robbie, a 30-year-old Australian, has appeared in her underwear in movies for 525 seconds, which is not even the highest total for time. That feat belongs to Cameron Diaz at 1,466 seconds. (Again, is this a full-time research gig?!)

That is not to say that Robbie is in nude scenes much. Until her new release, “Dreamland,” Robbie kept her full nudity to “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Focus” for 195 seconds.

Robbie’s nude time tally is well behind the birthday-suit leader, Eva Green, at 1,730 seconds. Dame Helen Mirren, 75, could still catch her with a total of 1,496, according to Bingo researchers. Alicia Vikander has appeared nude in an industry-leading 38.1% of her movies. (Seriously, this is a paid job?!)

At least Bingo is sort of trying to be an equal-flesh site. It also tracked the shirtless leader among male actors and found that Zac Efron has gone bare-chested in half of his movies but Daniel Craig has accumulated the most shirtless screen time with 1,278 seconds.

Women appear in movies nude 10 seconds per hour, compared to men at 5.9 seconds per hour.

You don’t have to be nude to tell a story or get attention. But it helps.

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