The FBI is not done arresting rioters that were involved in the Capitol riots in January, and they’ve put a big target sign on one individual that appears to be spraying a substance at more than a dozen law enforcement officers.

The reason the feds are hunting this man down is the Capitol Officer who died the next day after falling ill was in the line of fire of this chemical irritant.

The New York times reported on the video first, and so far, no arrest has been made for the death of the officer, Brian Sicknick.

It’s not going to be easy for prosecutors to charge someone with the death of the officer, because they would have to prove a link between the rioter’s actions on Jan. 6, and Sicknick’s death.

A possible charge, if they could prove the link of the man spraying the chemical and the officer’s death would be assault on a police officer with a dangerous weapon.

On Friday, the Capitol Police issued a statement regarding Sicknick’s death. “The medical examiner’s report on Officer Brian Sicknick’s death, which followed the attack on the Capitol on January 6, is not yet complete,” CNN reported. “We are awaiting toxicology results and continue to work with other government agencies regarding the death investigation.”

Over 100 Washington, D.C., and Capitol police officered suffered injuries that day.

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