What could not be seen in live coverage of President Donald Trump supporters’ damage, destruction and defacing of the U.S. Capitol kept coming in images and videos strewn across social media and websites in the aftermath.

The photos showed a broken mirror and a damaged nameplate in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, where one man took a photo seated in her chair and told media that he touched himself while seated and took a piece of her mail.

A man wearing a Trump cap was shown carrying a podium out of the Capitol Rotunda while smiling and waving to a media photographer.

Among the dozens of windows that were smashed in the Capitol building, one was broken to access the legislative chamber so that furnishings such as a chair and a lamp could be stolen and passed to fellow rioters on the outside.

The destruction extended into both chambers of Congress with debris, personal belongings and paperwork was strewn about wherever the pillagers trespassed. Doors, framed work and furniture was broken. Congressional offices were ransacked with lamps, desks and chairs broken and the floors were invisible beneath the paper.

Notes were left about Thomas Jefferson being happy and how politicians were wrong to think citizens would obey a democracy.

The damage was not limited to inside the Capitol with more rioters kicking and knocking down media equipment that reporters and cameramen had set up outside for coverage.

“Murder the media,” a scribbled message on a Capitol office door read.

That media captured video and images that may implicate hundreds.

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