Devin Ratray isn’t a household name by any means, but most people know who he is. 

He played the role of Buzz, Kevin McCallister’s obnoxious and evil older brother in the “Home Alone” movie franchise. 

Because those films are iconic, there’s still a demand for Ratray at various fan events around the country, and the 44-year old actor made an appearance at OKC Pop Christmas Con in Oklahoma City with his girlfriend this month.  He was featured as one of the attractions. 

Things went south at the event when Ratray allegedly got angry with his girlfriend for giving two female fans Ratray’s autograph without charging them for it.  The fight reportedly started in a bar where they were drinking and escalated when they got to their hotel bedroom.  That’s when authorities say the actor allegedly got violent and tried to strangle her. 

Ratray turned himself in and bonded out after posting a $25,000 bail.   He denies the allegations against him. 

It appears alcohol played a significant role in this altercation.  Ratray’s girlfriend said they were drinking at two bars, and she claimed he put down a bottle of wine and ten shots of liquor. 

According to the affidavit, Ratray allegedly pushed her onto the bed at the hotel and then put his hand on her throat and the other on her mouth. His girlfriend bit his hand as she attempted to scream for help.  Ratray allegedly also told her, “this is how you die,” while he choked her. 

Ratray appeared in this year’s “Home Sweet Home Alone” film, and he most recently appeared in the movie Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez. 

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