A few months ago, the hot new trend in luxury real estate was to allow the purchase to be made in bitcoin.  That’s so three months ago. 

A Spanish -style 1928 home in the highly-desirable flats of Beverly Hills just hit the market this week at $9.418 million.  The 5,000 square foot house has five bedrooms, a guest house, pool, outdoor deck, and one more add-on if the buyer wants to drop another $100K. 

A sister residence in the metaverse.  Yes, it’s currently sitting vacant in the 3D world Decentraland, and it’s there for the person who buys the house in BH if they want it. 

The Hollywood Reporter says the real house sits on a lot that could accommodate a 10,000 square foot, eight-bedroom Georgian-style house that has already been designed by Baggy Architects.  The new buyer would get the completed plans for the house, and those designs have been built oil the metaverse. Essentially a 3D replica sitting on a 2×2 four parcel piece of real estate.  

Other amenities for the metaverse crib include an NFT of the house, artwork, and more NFTs inside the house. 

The real estate agent is Rochelle Atlas Maize of Normand & Associates.  Here’s a quote she gave to THR. 

“It’s a two-for. You buy a house in the flats of Beverly Hills, and you get the house in the metaverse.  I’ve been working on this for months.”

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