The more things change, the more they stay almost exactly the same. 

Tom Brady has a positive, joyful demeanor that comes through in the way he plays.  

Bill Belichick is gruff, condescending, disingenuous, and pretty rigid, and it sure came through in the brief postgame “hug” he gave the quarterback who won him six Super Bowl titles before the Pats’ coach cut him loose. 

It was the most anticipated regular season game the NFL has seen in a very long time, and there’s no doubt both Brady and Belichick felt they had so much to prove. 

Belichick has a losing record as a coach without Brady.  He solely made the decision to rid his roster of the best qb in history, so he had this one shot on national television to try to prove to the world he could upstage the man hailed as the primary reason the Pats had the success they did. 

Simply put, Belichick failed miserably.  On a rainy night in Foxborough, Massachusetts, when Brady set the NFL’s all-time passing yardage record on his old home field, he and his Tampa teammates had just enough to beat the Patriots 19-17.  New England’s last minute field goal attempt that would have given them the lead clanked off the left upright, ensuring the Tampa win. 

So, if you’re scoring at home; Belichick loses in the head-to-head matchup.  Brady has already won a Super Bowl in his first year away from Belichick.  

In a game that could sway public opinion about the legacies of these two NFL legends, Brady proved yet again he thrives on clutch moments.  

His former coach showed the world that when he does not have Tom Brady on his roster, his career record as a head coach is as mediocre as you could possibly be.  62-74 without TB12. 

Meanwhile, Brady motors along with a 13-6 record without Belichick, including 4-0 in the playoffs and 1-0 in Super Bowl’s.  

Facts are facts.  And they were on display on Sunday Night Football. 

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