Elizabeth Holmes is facing 20 years in prison.  She’s in the middle of a federal trial for multiple charges of felony fraud, and her professional life is pretty much in shambles after running Theranos into the ground. 

But you can’t say she’s not popular, interesting, and obsessed over by some of her “fans.”

A line of merchandise, including t-shirts, mugs and all kinds of accessories with Holmes’ image on it are being sold on the internet.  It appears to be equally parts adulation and mocking, but the product is selling fast on Amazon, Etsy and RedBubble. 

Holmes famously dropped out of Stanford when she was 19 years old. Her obsession with Steve Jobs, and desire to be famous collided, and she allegedly duped investors into pumping billions of dollars into a company that was touting a blood testing device that simply did not work. 

At one point Theranos was valued at $9 billion.  A tad high in retrospect one would have to say. 

More reasonably priced are the listings on line that poke fun or honor Holmes.  Here fans even have a name; “Homies.”

Here’s what a rep from an online shop that carries Holmes’ gear said about the moral dilemma of benefiting off her alleged crimes. 

“To be clear, we don’t condone any criminal activity, but we’re tickled that she was able to get so far on a lie, in an industry so heavily dominated by men. She’s oozes femme fatale energy and who doesn’t like a good villain origin story?”

If Holmes wasn’t facing two decades in prison, she might find this all pretty entertaining.

Heck, for someone who wore black turtlenecks every day to emulate Jobs and talked in a low voice for added attention, she might be loving the publicity and an active online buyer of some of the merch. 

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