“Real Time” host Bill Maher may be putting himself in cancel-culture territory after pushing back on MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance for calling the 70 million Trump voters “racists” and “tribalists.”

In a panel discussion about the results of the 2020 presidential election, Nance told Maher that his colleagues at MSNBC have been talking about the results. “They have been on-air saying this: These people have revealed themselves for the racists that they are, the tribalists that they are. They don’t care about ‘E Pluribus Unum,’ ‘from many, one’; they care about ‘I got mine and, you know, you shouldn’t get anything of yours.’”

Maher responded by saying, “You think that’s every Trump voter?”

“They voted for this consciously, knowing what Donald Trump stood for, for the last four years! They know him!” Nance doubled down. “It’s almost a level of fanaticism that I’ve only seen in cult groups and Middle East terrorist groups.”

Georgetown law professor Rosa Brooks, another panelist, quickly jumped in to disagree, saying that Trump voters were simply voting from within their own “information bubble.”

Maher then pointed out the fact that President Trump had expanded his support among Black voters: “Trump did a lot better with the Black vote than he did last time.” Nance pushed back, saying that it’s hard to know that because exit polling couldn’t be conducted for those mailing in their ballots. Maher shot back, “Well, this I read in the New York Times. It’s not a conservative paper. … So you just deny the premise?”

To which Nance said, “No.”

In his closing monologue, Maher took his exception to the characterization of Trump voters a step further, saying, “Let’s all stop seeing each other as deplorable.”

During the Friday-night broadcast, Maher also blasted Big Tech for censoring information and opinions on their programs, saying that some of their current practices are “evil” and telling former Google employee and tech critic Tristan Harris that Google’s censorship of opinions different from theirs is “F—ked up too.”

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