If there were a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to buy and build Bill Gates a garage so he could put his nerdy glasses back on and go to that garage and invent a new piece of technology and not come out for four years or so, I’d be donating.  So would millions of other people, I suspect.  Anything to get him off his high horse where he has anointed himself the expert on any and all world issues. 

He only has trouble answering a question when the words “Jeffrey Epstein” are in a sentence. Besides that, he’s the world’s number-one know-it-all and authority from the climate to cow flatulence.

He needs a girlfriend. There are reports that he was spotted with a “mystery” brunette in Australia, so maybe he can finally get distracted and lay low. 

Until then, he had to issue grades on what countries scored well on their Covid response.   

Here’s what he said during an interview at Lowy Institute, a think tank in Sydney, Australia. 

“I wouldn’t say any country got it totally right.  Nobody … gets an ‘A’ on this one.” Wow, you think? That’s insightful stuff, Bill. 

Of course, you have to humor the man and ask him what he thinks needs to happen next time, and this is his thoughts for the next pandemic. 

“In the future, countries need to have dedicated personnel, and they need to practice how they connect up with the PCR diagnostic industry.”

If you’re wondering if he gave any kudos to the United States and our collective response to Covid, yes, he said the U.S. gets high marks for spending over $30 billion to fund research and development for a vaccine. 

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