Bill Gates’ whereabouts are a major curiosity these days, especially in light of the Jeffrey Epstein ties that piggy-backed on the news of Gates’ divorce.

A New York Post story revealed that a source reported the Microsoft billionaire has been at an “ultra-exclusive California golf club” for several months.

The source said Gates, 65, who has split with Melinda, his wife of 27 years, is at the Vintage Club in Indian Wells, Calif., a 712-acre sanctuary.

“Bill clearly saw this divorce coming for a long time because he’s been there for around three months,” the source told the Post, adding that Gates was seen there with one of his three children, Jennifer, 25, and her fiancé, Egyptian millionaire Nayel Nassar.

At least things may be getting better as far as Gates’ relationship with his children is concerned. Earlier reports in immediate wake of the divorce announcement had the kids “furious” with Bill.

As for whether he had to ask a friend to use a spare bedroom … uh, no.

Gates owns a private home at the Vintage – according to the Post also a second (third? fourth?) home for billionaires including Charles Koch, Philip Anshultz and Dennis Washington.

Before concerning yourself with the price of one of those homes, eager rich people should know that it costs $250,000 to join the club.

Home prices range from $2.3 million to $20 million, with Gates’ humble abode purchased for $12.5 million in 1990.

The usual amenities: Built on one of the property’s golf courses, it covers 13,573-square-feet with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Melinda mulled the divorce for two years before filing. Among the reasons, reportedly, was Bill’s dealings with Epstein, the convicted sex offender who killed himself in prison.


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