The “Miami migration” may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, whose campaign to lure big tech to his city escalated on social media this month, said the efforts are “absolutely working.”

Suarez has worked to attract innovative companies such as Spotify, and Founders Fund, one of the most influential groups in tech. He also found success when Blackstone, a heavyweight in finance, recently announced plans to open an office in Miami.

This month, though, Suarez has stepped up his game. He has used Twitter to interact and promote and said his tweets have organically attracted more than 16 million impressions.

“It’s become this virtual meeting place where new founders, VCs [venture capitalists] and even engineers … are completely rallying around this sort of marketing campaign,” he told Fox Business on Wednesday. “It’s something that’s created a tremendous amount of momentum for our city that we’re going to capitalize on.”

As COVID-19 hit, an increasing number of tech companies and individuals sought to leave California and other traditional tech centers. They have been landing in Miami since remote work has been the mode of choice—or because there is no choice.

“People want to be in a place where government is receptive and supportive of them,” Suarez said in the Miami Herald. He touts the weather, tax structure and low crime rates and now, it seems, Miami is firmly on the radar. “My job is … to make sure people understand this is not a moment. This is a movement,” he told Fox Business.

On Dec. 4, in response to a tweet from Delian Zebulgar, a principal at venture capital firm Founders Fund, saying Silicon Valley should move to Miami. Suarez replied, “How can I help?” Suarez’s reply went viral, with more than 500 quotes or retweets, 5,700 likes, and millions of views.

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