Picking Joe Biden’s biggest blunder since the 80-year-old became president is like trying to determine what the Beatles’ greatest hit was.  The list is long. However, what Biden did two years ago in Afghanistan has crossed from sheer stupidity to outright danger. 

Michael Kurilla is an Army General who leads U.S. Central Command. It’s a big job and his privy to a lot of information. He told the Senate Armed Services Committee that ISIS-K has regrouped in Afghanistan, and they are very dangerous. In fact, Kurilla testified that they would be able to launch an attack against us or Western interests in six months with “little or no warning.”

On top of that, the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans could be at risk. 

Nineteen months ago, Biden ordered what turned out to be a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. A move so idiotic on numerous levels, but none worse than the move that left the Taliban in charge of the country. 

Here’s what Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton asked the general during his testimony. 

“When you add up all the troops you have in your area of responsibility and Americans who are there for business or tourism or pilgrimages on any given day, what are we talking about? Probably hundreds of thousands, right?”

Here’s how Kurilla answered. 

“At least.”

Biden was warned this would happen. He ignored it, and this is the reality we are dealing with. 

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