Joe Biden may have a very interesting battle on his hands over his possible cabinet picks if the current ballot totals stay on track. There are plenty of Democrats already jockeying for position in a Biden cabinet and even some Republicans. If the Republicans can retain control of the Senate, that could impact Biden’s selections, as the upper chamber of Congress is the one to approve presidential nominations.

The Republicans could actually end up being the least of Biden’s worries, however, as the self-described “socialist” side of the party will want strong progressives in his cabinet. The more moderate Democrats will also be pushing for positions, and there has been plenty of speculation that Republicans John Kasich and Jeff Flake could also be on Biden’s list after supporting him throughout his campaign. Naming either of the Republicans would certainly ruffle the feathers of the more progressive side of the Democratic party. 

Some of the other names to keep an eye on: Democratic Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama who was just defeated by Republican challenger Tommy Tuberville in last week’s election has been a longtime friend of Biden and will now be looking for work. Jones is a former U.S. attorney and could be called on as the potential Attorney General. Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey have also been mentioned as possibilities. Both potentially could be rewarded for dropping out of the Democratic primary races when they did.

Susan Rice and Elizabeth Warren have been mentioned for a number of different roles, and Bernie Sanders has reportedly been campaigning behind the scenes to become Biden’s Labor Secretary. Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez and Stacey Abrams of Georgia are expected to be considered for positions, as well.

Plenty of the people on the list will make Democrats happy. Trying to get them through a Republican controlled Senate, while also keeping the far left satisfied, could prove to be an interesting dilemma for Biden.

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