Once you get past the giggle over a 76-year-old man slinging slang with a “woke” reference, the point sits in that James Carville tied left-wing (e.g., socialist) movements to the Democrats election losses.

Appearing on MSNBC, the Democratic strategist was asked by host Brian Williams if the party still sought working-class middle America. “Hell, yeah,” Carville said. “Look, some of these woke people need to take a nap. All right? We’ve got some good candidates out there. We lost some close races and we’ve got to get back up and win these two (Senate) races in Georgia. We’ve got to get back up. We’ve still got a shot in Alaska. We need some improved performance in 2022. We need to do that by speaking to all of America, not just one sliver of America.”

Carville, who worked on Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, was making an apparent reference to movements like Defund the Police and Medicare for All for why no state House was flipped and 27 toss-up elections went to Republicans.

“Vice President Biden had a message that resonated more across this country than some of the things that we’re hearing from some of the more extreme elements of the Democratic party,” Carville said on Williams’ “11th Hour” show. “I don’t think that was helpful and I’ve talked to many people in the party and not many of them think it’s helpful either.”

Carville noted that Biden did many things right to earn 5 million more votes than Trump, who he accused of “scamming” the public with fundraising to recount votes. “I urge him to recount everywhere,” Carville said. “Beat him twice.”

As for the initial Democratic criticism, maybe his wife and Republican strategist Mary Matalin is subtly skewing his thoughts.

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