New polling in Georgia is going to have Republicans feeling even more stressed about the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff election. Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are substantially increasing their leads against Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, according to a new poll from JMC Analytics and Polling.

The new poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday of this week with 500 respondents, found Ossoff increasing his lead ahead of Perdue by 7 points, with a 50% to 43% lead. Seven percent of respondents said they were still undecided.

In the other race, Raphael Warnock has grown an even larger lead up to 9 points over Loeffler, 53% to 44%, with only 3% claiming to be undecided.

The results of the JMC survey seem to be consistent with a recent survey conducted by SurveyUSA that shows support for the Democrats steadily increasing. The SurveyUSA poll found Ossoff with a 5-percentage-point lead and Warnock with a 7-point lead.

A silver lining for Republicans could be found, as critics are quick to point out the inaccuracy of polling for recent elections.

Democratic Pollster Nick Gourevitich told Politico that trusting polling at this point is a mistake. “Everybody fundamentally understands that it’s going to become an issue of partisan turnout,” he remarked. “And anybody who tells you they know exactly what’s going to happen in terms of partisan turnout in a special election with two senators to decide control of the Senate in a post-Trump era when he’s not on the [ballot]—nobody knows the answer to that question. It’s a completely unique situation.”

With the Georgia Senate Runoff election day now less than a week away, we’ll soon know just how accurate or inaccurate the polling was.

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