Have ever asked yourself, “hmm, what new category or industry would Amazon be interested in either dominating or taking over next?” 

It seems like they have their crosshairs locked in on another one; television. 

The Seattle behemoth is planning to unleash its own Amazon-branded TV here in the U.S. next month according to Business Insider. 

In the past, Amazon has partnered with companies like Toshiba, and sold them exclusively with Fire TV software included, but those televisions always carried the branding of that manufacturer. 

Give Amazon employees credit for being able to keep a secret.  This has been in the world for almost two years, and it wasn’t known until BI had the story. 

When Amazon releases their own TV, they are instantly in the same arena as Sony, LG and Samsung, three competitors that also sell their own lines of TV’s through Amazon. 

The new Amazon models will range from 55 to 75 inches, and they will all be Alexa powered. 

Now that Amazon is set to sell their own TV’s, the clock can start running on when Apple will enter the game. Back in 2011, Steve Jobs told his biographer Walter Isaacson that he had the vision to make a great TV interface according to the BI story, but Jobs died shortly after that.  

No word on the cost of the Amazon TV, and availability will begin in October and might be hampered by the global shipping crisis. 

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