One of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history is taking his talents to a new platform; OnlyFans. 

Terrrell Owens will become one of the biggest name personalities on the site, as is set to launch a channel where he will do what he does in real life. Host fitness sessions, chat to fans about his amazing football career, and try to segue into a new phase of his life. 

He talked to CNBC Thursday and shared his plans to make some money off his name, image and likeness. 

“I’m trying to be a businessman.Those terms will be worked out with my legal and [OnlyFans] legal.”

The sky could be the limit for TO, one of the more dynamic and entertaining ballers of all time. He won’t be the only celeb and former athlete on OnlyFans either, Cardi B and UFC champ Sean O’Malley each have accounts on the site. 

The company has thrived during the pandemic, paying out over $5 billion to content creators on the site.  A fairly substantial portion of that figure went to makers of sex content, who were briefly banned from the site before the company did an about face. 

TO said he’s not going to be one of the sex content providers. He wants to use the site as another way to reach his fans, and monetize his name and accomplishments from a brilliant football career. 

Here’s more of what he told CNBC.

“There will not be any sexual content that I’ll be providing. It’s not only just the risqué and other things that are associated with OnlyFans. But it’s another platform for engagement with my fans in addition to the other social media platforms.”

Unfortunately for Owens, most of the $79 million he made in the NFL is gone.  His lack of financial education is the reason he feels his money didn’t last, wants to do what he can to help others. 

“I never want any kid to go through what I went through. I’m better suited to ask the right questions. 

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