Sales are flat at Amazon. Amazon is a public company. With ticked-off investors. So, they have decided to cast aside their woke-ish tendencies and go back to doing something that might lead to sales; advertising on Twitter. 

They were one of the many companies that ran from Twitter after Elon Musk purchased the company, citing “security concerns.”

Several companies have returned to the social media company, and Amazon plans to join them, with a $100 million a year ad spend coming up in 2023, according to reports, assuming some security tweaks are met. 

The news about Amazon coming back with their checkbook open came a day after Apple decided to resume their advertising fully. 

Andy Jassy, the CEO who replaced Jeff Bezos, has been the bearer of much lousy news since taking over the big job, overseeing the company as the stock price dropped 42% in 2022. 

The slumping economy and recession have pounded Amazon. Will it help turn things around by resting their advertising on Twitter? They certainly hope so. 

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