Aaron Rodgers has had an interesting week. There was the excitement of his announcement that he would be paid in bitcoin for part of his salary going forward, but then in mid-week he tested positive for COVID.  

It was also revealed that in spite of telling the media he was “immunized” it turns out he wasn’t vaccinated, which means he’s out 10 days, won’t play Sunday against the Chiefs, and he apparently is very ticked off. 

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Rodgers is “Furious” over the fact his true status of not being vaccinated was leaked.  

Rodgers would have been required to mask up in certain settings, including media sessions with reporters and on the sidelines at games, but he wasn’t for the first half of the season. 

The report also said that Rodgers had tried to secure an exemption that would regard him as unvaccinated because of a homeopathic treatment that raised his COVID antibodies. 

Rodgers apparently fought hard for that exemption, but did not receive it. 

A week ago the biggest story in Rodgers life was the John Wick Halloween costume he was rocking to rave reviews.  Things have gotten a tad more complicated since then. 

It will be interesting to see if and when he talks to reporters again. 

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