China is a weird and scary place right now. President Xi’s hardline approach to Covid and his cast of Communist cronies has taken its toll on Chinese people, and a breaking point seems to be on the horizon. 

China is the largest country in the world with a population of 1.5 billion, and when a case of covid occurs, their zero Covid policy kicks in, and lockdowns of sections of cities take place. Now, dozens of cities have gone into another lockdown, impacting millions of people. 

The country has reported a new high of infections, with 32,000 new ones on Friday. Medical experts believe the county has “passed the point of no return” in its odd and impossible attempt to have no coronavirus cases. 

Here’s what Larry Hu, an Economist in China, told The Daily Wire. 

“China might have already passed the point of no return, as it’s unlikely to achieve zero Covid again without another Shanghai-style hard lockdown. What policymakers could do now is to slow the spread of the virus, i.e., flatten the curve, by tightening the Covid controls for the time being.”

After over two years, residents have had enough.  Protests are breaking out all over the country, and the tension is very real. A huge protest involving thousands of workers at an iPhone factory in Zhengzhou is one to watch. 

Here’s a quote from Wu Qiang, a political analyst in The Daily Wire story. 

“What we’re witnessing at Foxconn is the bankruptcy of ‘the China model; it’s the collapse of China’s image as a production powerhouse, as well as China’s relationship to globalization.”

What caused the violent protests at Foxconn was bonuses for workers not being paid because the company did not follow the harsh covid restrictions. 

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