Who knew that perky morning show host Katie Couric could be so bitter?

The former star of the “Today” show took her gloves off in her new book called “Going There” that is set to come out later this month. 

Some excerpts started circulating and Katie went scorched earth on some big name in TV.

It certainly makes for a great read in a tell-all book, but Couric may have reduced the number of Christmas cards she receives this year with some of the explosive revelations she lays out in her book. 

She went hard after former Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer, a bitter rival of Couric’s when it came to booking the biggest name guests of her era for interviews. 

The book talks about the anchor’s battles.  Couric talked about beating Sawyer out for an interview with two teens who were abducted by using Couric’s status as a widowed mother of two girls.  

 Couric admitted she texted Matt Lauer, her former co-anchor of the Today Show in 2017, following his scandal.  She apparently had no idea what Lauer was doing. 

Couric also talks about Roger Ailes, Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. 

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