Naked parties and girls on the road?

It seems Bill Gates’ partygoing colleagues had no problem with his “nerdy” reputation before Gates settled down.

A former Seattle newspaper reporter, James Wallace, wrote two books about the billionaire and now considers the future for the recently divorced Microsoft founder.

“A lot of those Microsoft kids back then, they were young guys in pizza-stained t-shirts for two or three days working on software code,” Wallace, who worked for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer back in the day, told the U.K.’s Daily Mail on Monday.

“Then they would have some pretty wild parties, where they would go out and get strippers in Seattle and bring them over to Bill’s home. He wasn’t a choir boy back then, he wasn’t just this little computer nerd.”

Wallace detailed Gates’ alleged “naked parties” in the 1997 book “Overdrive: Bill Gates and the Race to Control Cyberspace.”

Gates, he reported, enjoyed a good bachelor party from time to time, as well as an occasional visit to all-nude nightclubs.

The Daily Mail story quoted the book’s text that Gates would “hire dancers to come to his home and swim naked with his friends in his indoor pool.” 

Not exactly a nerdy move?

Even after Gates met Melinda, his soon-to-be-wife, the “womanizing,” according to Wallace, worked as a hurdle to their budding romance.

“Though Gates began dating French (Melinda’s maiden name) in 1988, he continued to play the field for a while, especially when he was out of town on business, when he would frequently hit on female journalists who covered Microsoft and the company industry,” he wrote, as quoted by the outlet.

Colleagues said it all stopped after the marriage.

Melinda began working as a Microsoft product manager in 1987 and married Bill in 1994.

So, what will Bill do for entertainment now?

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