The United States, under the leadership of Joe Biden, does not exactly present an image of strength to the rest of the world. And Senator Marco Rubio, the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said China now looks at Biden’s administration and America in general as being so weak that they disregard the U.S. as a mega-power. 

Our military shot down one of the spy balloons China is flying in our airspace that landed in the Atlantic Ocean; four months ago, it appeared another crashed in the Pacific off the coast of Hawaii, and as long as The Big Guy is  President, they will probably continue to do it. 

Rubio said on ABC News that Biden should have addressed the nation on TV and let the public know what was happening. 

“I don’t know why they waited so long to tell people about this. When was it spotted? Why was it not brought down sooner over other areas? I’m open-minded to listening to the arguments they make about why it wasn’t dealt with sooner.”

Rubion said that he believed China knew the balloon would be discovered. 

“The message they’re trying to send the world is, ‘Look, these guys can’t even do anything about a balloon flying over U.S. airspace. How can you possibly count on them if something were to happen in the Indo-Pacific region? How can you count on them if they’re not going to do anything about a balloon over U.S. airspace? How are they going to come to the aid of Taiwan or stand with the Philippines or Japan or India when the Chinese move on their territory?’”

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