After the CPAC speech, there may be fans of former President Donald Trump who find the chance to live next door to Mar-a-Lago Beach Club irresistible.

To quench that thirst, prospective buyers can snap up the beachfront mansion for a mere $49 million.

Adding to the allure, the property is owned by a company linked to the Trump Organization, the family’s business entity, according to property records obtained by Fox Business.

The Trump-controlled limited liability company bought the house for $18.5 million almost three years ago from Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, according to property records.

The Palm Beach Daily News ran an ad on Sunday describing the eight-bedroom home, in part, as “a well known and very important oceanfront estate.”

Broker Lawrence Moens’ full-page listing only hints at Trump ties, defining this as an “exclusive” listing and that the house comes with a Mar-A-Lago club membership.

That’s a nice incentive, given the club initiation fee is $200,000 and annual dues are $14,000.

Moens and a representative of the Trump Organization didn’t immediately respond to a Bloomberg request for comment Monday.

The place comes with the expected amenities: oceanfront balcony, pool, library and sunroom with floor-to-ceiling windows facing the Atlantic.

The mansion, at 1125 S. Ocean Blvd., is physically thisclose to Mar-a-Lago, further underscoring the likelihood of luring a pro-Trump buyer,

“Because of its proximity and its lack of privacy, it would probably be a difficult thing to sell to someone who’s not a Trump supporter,” said Guy Clark, a real estate agent with Douglas Elliman, in a Bloomberg story.

“It’s great for a Trump supporter to own that house and have the accessibility to Trump and his world. For that type of person, it’s the right house.”

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