The NFL is the greatest sports league on the planet, but it sure does make a lot of bad decisions when it comes to hiring coaches.  How do I know that? Well, the league told the 32 owners this week that they have collectively spent over $800 million on head and assistant coaches that have been fired. 

For perspective, Jerry Jones paid  $150 million to purchase the Dallas Cowboys back in 1989. 

The Bidwill family, which owns the Arizona Cardinals paid $50,000 for the Chicago Cardinals back in 1932. 

Few jobs in the United States are more lucrative than being a horrible coach in the NFL. It’s almost guaranteed generational wealth, and all you have to do is lose a lot of games. 

The league was trying to make the point that teams should be more patient before hastily firing coaches. It’s hard to blame the owners, though, because some coaches are so inept or miscast that waiting would only prolong the misery and losing. 

Earlier this season, the Carolina Panthers fired Matt Rhule with four years remaining on his seven-year, $60 million contract.  The Colts fired Frank Reich with four years left on his contract. He was guaranteed $9 million per year. 

These contracts are fully guaranteed. The day after the regular season ends in January is called Black Monday, and typically 5-7 coaches each year are given their walking papers.  And a fat check for failing. 

The New York Giants are still paying three different head coaches they fired and their staff of assistants. 

Now, coaches on the hot seat that could start looking for new vacation properties, private jet timeshare membership, or a new Ferrari if they choose would include Kliff Kingsbury of the Cardinals, Nathaniel Hackett in Denver, and Love Smith in Houston. 

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