Getting a ticket to the hot shows at Paris, New York, or Milan Fashion Week is not easy, but there might be a solution.  Sort of.  The first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week – which kicked off Thursday. 

Top fashion brands, including Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger, are hosting runway shows, after-parties, and all kinds of events.  It is going down inside a 6,000 square foot piece of virtual real estate in Decentraland. 

Sound fun?  

What makes this virtual fashion show unique is that it’s on-chain – which means the NFTs purchased by shoppers are backed by the Ethereal blockchain and theoretically be good to use on other metaverse platforms.

Okay, here are some other highlights of the Metaverse Fashion Week if you were busy in the real world the last few days. 

Estee Lauder gave away 10,000 NFTs that can be used to make their owner’s avatars glow.

Forever 21 debuted a nearly 500,000 square-foot store where shoppers can buy NFT outfits from sales reps (avatars). 

Oh, and Grimes is closing out the show with a DJ set with her avatar dressed in a funky bodysuit. 

Who knows, maybe Elon will drop by. 

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