Not everyone wants to be rich, but it’s probably fair to say most everyone would at least be interested in trying it out.

Do you have what it takes?

A study published in 2018 by the British Journal of Psychology indicates what you “have” — in personality traits – may be more important than an intense work ethic in pursuing wealth.

Specifically, the report states it’s the “first direct investigation of the stereotypically perceived and self-reported personality profiles of high-net-worth individuals.”

With guidance from the study, here are traits that could help to determine whether you have an inherent advantage.

Lean toward being … 

OUTGOING: People reach their networking goals faster through establishing relationships. They can lead more easily through motivating and inspiring others, and having an extroverted blueprint can only help.

RESPONSIBLE: Along with the knack for making smart decisions, the wealthy tend to be conscientious and longer-term focused. And, choose your husband/wife/domestic partner carefully because if they are like-minded in terms of being conscientious there is a higher likelihood for you to earn more, move up the ladder more quickly and be happier with your job.

STABLE: Although the Hollywood version of the wealthy boss is often emotionally unstable and prone to outbursts or a secret life, that’s not the path to financial success, according to the study. Rational decisions lead to a stronger working foundation.

SELF-CENTERED: Sounds negative, but an story translates this one: ”As Adam Grant says, humble narcissists have very high expectations for their own success — but they also understand that great achievements are almost always the result of collective efforts.”

As for changing to fit these qualities, suggests – since changing your personality is tough — trying to alter your behavior; invest in yourself and others. Take intelligent risks and do a lot of small things right, over and over.

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