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I want you to think about the teacher that you till today remember. We all have at least one teacher that we remember, right? Today I’m going to share with you how you can be that teacher everyone remembers.

Step #1: Sell What You Are Teaching – 0:37

Step #2: Find a Way to Add Fun, Humor, and Creativity – 1:01

Step #3: Simplify: Make it Look Easy – 2:07

Step #4: Give Steps – 2:13

Step #5: Sell Belief – 2:22

Step #6: Teach the Way They Learn – 2:37

Step #7: Re-Remind – 2:53

Step #8: Be Patient – 3:36

Step #9: Be a Great Student – 3:57

Step #10: Encourage, Praise, Recognize – 4:27

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