President Trump’s legal team won a small victory Wednesday as a Pennsylvania judge issued an order that temporarily prevents the state from taking any further actions to certify the election results.

Judge Patricia McCullough issued the order, which stems from a case brought by Pennsylvania voters, including Rep. Mike Kelly, in which they allege a state law that allows for no-excuse absentee voting was in violation of the Pennsylvania constitution.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro immediately sent out a tweet, saying, “This order does not impact yesterdays appointment of electors. We will be filing an appeal with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court momentarily.”

What Shapiro is saying is that the ruling from the judge today does not affect the results of the presidential election in Pennsylvania, because those results were certified Tuesday, and the court order impacts any further certification on races that have yet to be certified.

Team Trump is not giving up in Pennsylvania, though, and while the presidential election results were certified, Trump’s attorneys are actively fighting them, with hopes of a decertification, as they alleged more than 680,000 ballots were counted without proper observation.

Also Wednesday, President Trump was supposed to travel to Philadelphia to meet with his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, but the trip was cancelled because Giuliani was exposed to a second person who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last week.

Trump had been planning to attend an event in Gettysburg with Republican lawmakers to discuss voter fraud.

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