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Patrick spends 1 hour with winners from the “Why I Love Valuetainment” contest. Thanks to everyone for helping VT get to a 100,000 subs. Next contest will be announced at 250,000.

Time stamps:

:34 Stay in School or Dropout of College?

10:27- Where do you see Valuetainment going next?

20:09- What is the best technique for finding great sales people?

23:20- The qualities of a great recruiter

27:44- Best way for sales people to prospect new clients

29:30- Story of the mafia guy that recruited Michael Jordan to Nike

36:24- What are you worth?

39:08- How to increase your value in anything you do

43:26- Two Book recommendations for a CEO

1. Growing Pains

2. Scaling Up- Mastering the Rockefeller Habit

44:18- Can you do private mentoring?

46:09- Why some people online hate Valuetainment

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