60% of The United States is projected to be obese by 2030.

In only 20 years, our nation has managed to become one of the most obese and unhealthy countries in the world.

More than two-thirds of children and teens’ diets consist of ULTRA-processed foods, a study by JAMA found.

Ultra-processed foods include frozen foods, sugary snacks and beverages, and takeout or delivery meals that often are high in added sugar, sodium and carbohydrates and low in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, according to the American Heart Association. The most common culprits are take-out foods, frozen pizza, hamburgers, packaged snacks, and sugary foods. In addition to calories from ultra-processed foods, the remaining calories consumed by those in the study came from moderately processed foods such as cheese and canned fruits and vegetables, and consumer-added flavor enhancers such as sugar, honey, maple syrup, and butter.

The study concluded that in only 20 years, the number of people who eat ultra-processed foods increased by over 60% since 2000.

“The increase in their consumption by children and teenagers is concerning,” said Fang Zhang, a nutrition epidemiologist at Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in Boston.

One of the most disheartening things to witness during the recent pandemic was the lack of emphasis on the importance of eating a healthy diet, staying in shape, and managing stress (amongst the few important factors). Sleep is also critical to our body’s mental, physical, and emotional state.

Most illnesses can be fought naturally using something called our body’s immune system. Of course, if people are consuming all these processed foods, they’re bound to get sick and have a weak immune system. To reiterate, food is literally CELLULAR INFORMATION. 

Evidently, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, FDA, and governments worldwide did not think this was important enough to mention to the global population.

Since a very large population of the world is obese, approximately 1.9 BILLION adults to be exact, you would think they would have thought to mention something as important as this.

The answer is clear for most who can swallow the sad truth:

Big Pharma has NO REASON to profit off of a population that is healthy, in shape, and mentally sound.

Big Pharma and the entire “healthcare” industry thrive on a population of sick, diseased, obese people to make their profits.

The pandemic proved to be one of the most lucrative moments in our world’s history for Big Pharma, raking in BILLIONS of dollars from the success of their mRNA vaccine.

To say this isn’t about money is simply a delusion.

Everything is about money, especially when it comes to Big Pharma…

There is more money to be made in illness than wellness. 


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