For people flying into Southern California and landing at LAX, if your flight plan takes you on a northern trek up the coast you will be able to see first hand a snapshot of the global shipping crisis. 

The Long Beach and Los Angeles ports are clearly visible from the left side of the plane, and the 60+ cargo ships biding time, drifting in the Pacific are visible too. 

It’s an incredible sight, especially when you realize how disruptive the crisis is and how many people it affects. 

It’s amazing the Biden administration hasn’t done more, but while they sit idle smart businessmen are trying to figure out what to do. 

Ryan Peterson, the head of logistics for a logistics company called Flexport rented a boat to get a first hand account of what’s going on, or better yet, what’s not going on at the Port of Long Beach. 

Here’s what he posted on Twitter based on his eyewitness account.  

“Operations at the Port of Long Beach and the neighboring one in Los Angeles were at a standstill. In a full 3 hour loop through the port complex, passing every single terminal, we saw less than a dozen containers get unloaded.”

He then took it next level and offered some solutions.  One idea he had was encouraging government officials to override zoning laws in order to allow empty containers to be stored six high, instead of the current limit of two. 

According to a report in Morning Brew, the Mayor of Long Beach announced the very next day that he will allow cargo to now be stacked up to 4 or 5 containers high around the city. 

Way to limit it to 5 hight mayor, so you can claim to have come up with the idea on your own, but even if he did get his cue from Petersen, at least he did something. 

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