On Tuesday’s episode of the PBD Podcast, Patrick Bet-David was joined by brothers Brian and Ed Krassenstein, the twin Resistance Twitter influencers famous for their opposition to Donald Trump.

By mastering the social media algorithm, the Krassenstein brothers put themselves at the forefront of the online debate over the former president — and now that they’re back on the platform, they have a new outlook on the political world. Alongside PBD, Adam Sosnick, and Vincent Oshana, Brian and Ed Krassenstein discussed the media’s treatment of Donald Trump, America’s foreign intervention, and much more.

Here are some of the main takeaways from the latest episode:

1. “Are You Serious Right Now?” – Did the Media Treat Trump and Obama Differently?

When Barack Obama first took office, he immediately became the favorite of the media. Mainstream outlets and nighttime talk shows never missed a chance to sing his praises. Even when Obama was exposed for spying on the incoming Trump team, Trump was the one the media criticized. As PBD said, “We were just supposed to bow down to this guy as the greatest president ever!”

But when Trump became president, the media adopted a different strategy, pulling out all the stops to bring him down ahead of the 2020 election. From covering up the Hunter Biden laptop story to pushing for his impeachment, the media did everything it could to stack the deck in Joe Biden’s favor.

However, according to the Krassenstein brothers, Trump’s treatment wasn’t all that different from Obama’s. In fact, they said it was Republicans who started this process as far back as the Clinton impeachment.

So where did this major divide really begin?

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2. “Trump Scared a Lot of People” – Which Borders Should the US Protect?

For better or worse, Donald Trump was never afraid to say what he was thinking. While his opponents hated him for it, his openness and transparency made him more popular than any other candidate. But despite his popular policies, critics like Brian Krassenstein see his personality and presentation as the problem.

As president, Trump was unafraid to share his thoughts…but he was also unpredictable, particularly when it came to foreign policy. In the case of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Ed Krassenstein is convinced this unpredictability is what delayed the invasion until Trump left office.

“If Putin went into Ukraine, we don’t know how Trump would’ve reacted, and I don’t think Putin did either,” Ed said. “That volatility scared a lot of people.”

However, the Krassenstein brothers criticized Trump for bringing that same volatility to United States border policy, scaring immigrants away with threats of “separating them from their children.” As they see it, building a wall is not a solution to the ongoing immigration problem.

But if the United States is so committed to defending the borders of sovereign countries like Ukraine, why won’t the government defend America’s own borders?

But that’s not all Brian and Ed Krassenstein had to say. Check out the full episode for more on Hunter Biden, the rising threat of Russia and China, and much more.

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