Former President Donald Trump made his not-so-surprising announcement Tuesday night from his Mar-a-Lago estate. Trump announced his plans to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. During his speech, Trump spoke about his record in office, his Democratic opponents, the economy, and foreign policy. Allies, advisers, and family surrounded Trump, but one key person from his administration during his first term in office was missing. The two immediate questions after Tuesday night’s announcement are, where is Ivanka Trump, and which more favorable candidates will announce their plans to seek the Republican presidential nomination?   

After her father’s speech, Ivanka immediately answered whether or not she supported her dad’s decision to run. Ivanka posted on Instagram that she is done with politics but will only support her father as his child. Ivanka, a political adviser during her father’s time in office, says this time around, her focus is on her children and creating a private life for her family. 

Now that we know where Ivanka stands this time, what about the Republican party? Reports say many Republicans are not too happy with the midterm elections results and blame Trump for the outcome. According to CNBC, some of the wealthiest donors are backing Florida’s governor, Ron Desantis, and Virginia’s governor, Glenn Youngkin. Wealthy GOP members such as Andy Sabin and Citadel CEO Ken Griffin have already vowed to back Desantis. Neither Desantis nor Youngkin has officially announced they will seek the GOP’s presidential nomination, but just like Trump’s announcement, no one will be surprised. Whatever happens in the next two years is guaranteed to be something to watch.

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