Pierre Poilievre will be the Conservative Party nominee against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2025.

Already, the election is heating up. Poilievre won the Conservative Party nomination by striking a different tone from his predecessors. Erin O’Toole, the last candidate against Trudeau, for example, was lukewarm on the Canadian truckers. He expressed tepid support, but never met with any supporter of the Freedom Convoy, or attended any rallies. Poilievre did the exact opposite. Previously, Conservative candidates were typically moderate, pro government control, Romney type conservatives.

Still, O’Toole, like his predecessor who ran against Trudeau in his first re-election bid, actually won the popular vote. Although the riding system, which allocates votes based on districts similar to congressional districts, had Trudeau coming out on top.

Now Poilievre is crying foul. After questions about the Chinese government potentially meddling in the last election for Prime Minister, Trudeau has been largely mum. When asked about it directly, he dodged the question entirely. If he were trying to safeguard elections, wouldn’t he just say he doubts there was malfeasance but would investigate to the fullest extent possible? Poilievre says the silence only creates deeper suspicion.

After some pressure, Trudeau said he would look into whether or not the issue would require an internal government investigation. That means that people supported by the prime minister would do the investigating. He has denied the need for an objective, public inquiry.

Poilievre said, “What does Justin Trudeau have to hide? If we want to restore faith in our democracy, we have to answer these questions and bring in transparency.”

A poll from Leger, a Canadian polling firm, shows that almost of a third of Canadians feel that their voting system is not safe. Seems like Poilievre will be garnering some momentum as he takes on the incumbent Prime Minister.

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