On today’s show, Jed discusses what’s wrong with a society that posts our every move on social media. She digs into challenges faced by Pfizer in Uruguay, dangers of porn addiction and why some want you addicted, The Scout Association going woke, a rise in vasectomy requests in NY, and why a truck full of American flags shouldn’t trigger you. She closes with dating advice and live reaction to a viral TikTok video on bad boys versus good guys.

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0:00 Intro
1:58 – People being obsessed with social media
8:42 – Pfizer must prove efficacy and safety for its covid vaccine in Uruguay
16:18 – Vaccine mandates were predicted on hope
23:57 – VR is taking over our lives
32:45 – The scout association introduce the trans fun badge
40:12 – Man takes vasectomy in protest of Wade v. Roe
49:30 – Women associate the American flag with Trump supporters
53.54 – Why girls don’t go for nice guys

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