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There are many great books out there for any entrepreneur to read. But I chose 10/”>10 specific books for teenage entrepreneurs. The books fit with 10/”>10 different topics for you to study before you become an entrepreneur. They are also for young and teenage entrepreneurs that are already on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

#10/”>10: Innovation and Entrepreneurship- 0:37

#9: Made in America – 1:10/”>10

#8: Lean Startup – 2:39

#7: Snowball – 3:46

#6: The Obstacle is the Way – 5:19

#5: Blue Ocean Strategy – 6:52

#4: Elon Musk – 8:16

#3: Outwitting the Devil – 08:59

#2: Atlas Shrugged –9:55

#1: Drop Out and Get Schooled – 11:06

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