What do you give that kid who seemingly has everything?

When that kid – 43-year-old Tom Brady – indeed does have just about everything, it can be a tall task, but a small question at a charity drive this week brought a big answer.

Would you give up TWO of your Super Bowl rings in exchange for a perfect season?

Brady led the 2007 New England Patriots within a few minutes of a perfect season, but quarterback Eli Manning threw a late touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress on a February night in Glendale, Ariz., and spoiled everything.

The Brady legend only picked up momentum from there, though, and he now has won SEVEN Super Bowl rings, the most recent of which this year with Tampa Bay.

So, perhaps ruffling the feathers of those with fewer rings – or none — Brady answered honestly.

Would you give up TWO Super Bowl rings?

“I would, let’s be real,” Brady said. 

And Eli Manning? He has two rings, and he’s not giving them up. Manning reacted on Tuesday via quote tweet. 

The NFL Sunday Night Football account (@SNFonNBC) tweeted Brady’s answer to that “perfect season” question, two which Manning responded: 


From a career standpoint, it actually makes a ton of sense. Brady would have only ONE FEWER ring – capping a perfect season would mean winning that title in the Eli Manning game – and he’d be only the second quarterback in NFL history to have led his team to a perfect season.

Bob Griese’s 1972 Miami Dolphins also went unbeaten.

It wouldn’t damage Brady’s resume too much. He already has 14 Super Bowl records – and he’d still own six rings, one more than the next man on the list, defensive end Charles Haley, and two more than the leading QBs Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw.

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