When Elon Musk publicly says, “Good idea,” the world stops and listens.

The man who has made the world’s most popular electric vehicle and is on a space quest to take people to Mars took a liking to another idea that was not his.

Dave Lee, a Tesla investor who does a YouTube investment video with about 26,000 Twitter followers, tweeted, “I propose @elonmusk to form a holding company called X. X’s mission is to ensure human survival and progress. X becomes parent company of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and Boring Company. Elon, what do you think?”

“Good idea,” Musk tweeted in a reply on Wednesday.

That probably was a mind-blow for Lee, who just turned more active in tweets about the idea and recorded a YouTube video.

So was it just kind humoring from the world’s second-richest man, or genuine intrigue at the idea of a parent firm that resembles what Google did with Alphabet in 2015? Alphabet is the overarching company for its search engine, internet services, Waymo and DeepMind.

Part of Lee’s point that helped legitimize how much thought he put it into the pitch is that Musk already owns X.com for an online bank that he founded in 1999.

“This is not a move focused on increasing market cap or stock price,” Lee tweeted. “Rather, this is a move focused on creating the structure for Elon to be able to continue to make big bets for humanity, and having the time to manage them.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, a reply does not put you on a first-name basis. You might’ve just played yourself.

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