If there’s anyone left in Kanye West’s life who isn’t using him for something that he listens to or respects, they better step in right now and find out what the heck is going on and get him some help. 

It appears he is in full-on meltdown stage, as each day brings news of another crazy rant, and he went nuclear on Thursday, appearing on “Infowars” with Alex Jones. 

The first report was from TMZ, describing how Ye is wearing a full mask on the show and going to his standard lines of spewing hate against Jews and then taking it to another disgusting level by praising Hitler and Nazis. 

His quotes are unfathomable. Here’s one from TMZ’s story. 

“I see good things about Hitler … Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.” 

If you are not familiar with Alex Jones, he is the conspiracy theorist with a huge following who was recently hit with a judgment to pay almost $1 billion for his promotion of lies about the school shooting at Sandy Hook in Connecticut. 

Jones is probably used to talking to lunatics, but he can’t reel in Kanye as he rambles uncontrollably. 

At one point in the program, Jones tried to reel in Kanye and state the obvious about Nazis being horrific. That just fueled Kanye to say this. 

“They did good things too, we are gonna stop dissing the Nazis.”

He wasn’t done. Later in the show, he says, “I like Hitler.”

This is a train wreck playing out in real-time, and it’s going to end very badly if the former global superstar doesn’t get the help he clearly needs right now.

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