Thinking of Moving Abroad?

Many ex-pats have left their home country for a variety of reasons, including lifestyle, finances, and a better quality of life. Many are simply sick of the country they have been accustomed to all their life and want to experience something new.

Enjoy your journey and make the most of your experience by following some of our tips.


Before you move anywhere, it’s important you create a checklist of your needs to ensure the country you are moving to can satisfy them.

Here are some things to go over before packing your bags for good:

1. Employment

Make sure you have a job.

Apply for jobs beforehand so you don’t have to stress once you get there. Interview via zoom or take a visit if you must.
The last thing you want to worry about is your financial situation as you begin a beautiful new chapter of your life.

2. Cultural Differences

Living somewhere full-time is not the same as vacationing there.

Make sure that the country you are moving to won’t conflict with your cultural values or the language barrier.
It always helps to know the language of the country you are moving to for a variety of reasons.

If socializing and communication are important to you, you might have a very difficult time in a country that doesn’t speak your language.

If religion is a big part of your life, it might be best to move somewhere where you can attend religious services of your faith and meet other like minded souls.

3. Cost of Living

Look into the costs of living including average food prices, utility costs, gas prices, rent, and taxes.

Make sure you can afford it and have a plan for action once you arrive. Create a budget and plan what you will be spending your money on.
Restaurants, sight-seeing, and other excursions are quite costly, depending on where you move.
Paying for beach cabanas, coffees, and taxis can also add up to some very hefty expenses. As long as you budget, you shouldn’t have any issues.
It’s all about planning and managing expectations.

4. Lifestyle

Is the lifestyle going to match yours? Visit the country first to get a feel for the people, culture, and other norms.

If you plan on bringing your children or expanding your family, be sure that they will be able to receive a great education that allows them to learn and socialize with others.
Another important factor to consider is safety.
This is an even higher concern for women and children.
Law enforcement is not strict in many countries. Crime rates, especially crimes geared towards outsiders and immigrants are more likely to occur.
Be sure to do due diligence and talk to people who live there before moving somewhere new and unknown.

5. Freedoms

After the recent pandemic, it’s become evident more than ever before that our own personal freedoms are not a given, even in the United States of America.

Countries like Australia, Canada, and China suffered from some of the harshest lockdowns and mandates.
If you’re someone who enjoys the freedom to live your life as you wish and make your own choices for your health, family, and personal safety (such as the right to bear arms), be cautious of the countries you are moving to.

If you’re a feminist, choose wisely. 

Ultimately, the best country for you is the country that allows you to fit in, somewhat

If you can’t communicate, you’re going to have a very difficult and lonely experience.
Consider your own cultural background. If you’re Greek, Greece or Cyprus may not be a bad idea…
If you’re Korean, South Korea would probably be great!

Spanish people have the blessing of being able to move to so many different Spanish-speaking nations.

Speaking the language will help tremendously, so do your best to learn the language, culture, and lifestyle as best as you can before re-routing your life.

The 10 Best Countries For Ex-Pats

Which sounds most appealing to you?

1. Costa Rica

Visit Creator: BRICE FERRE STUDIO Copyright: brice ferre studio – Vancouver Portrait Adventure and Athlete Photographer

2. Bermuda

Flatts Village

3. Puerto Rico


4. Switzerland

Isfahan University of Technology About Switzerland | Isfahan University of Technology

5. United Arab Emirates

Camel on a United Arab Emirates beach

6. Australia

Kangaroo at Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park, Esperance, Western Australia

7. Canada

A tourist enjoying the spectacular view of the Moraine Lake. (Shutterstock)

8. Greece

9. Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, the Art Science Museum and the Helix Bridge. (Image credit: Matt Conaghan / Flickr)

10. Italy

Amalfi, Italy


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