The days of the Oscars being an uplifting, exciting, magical night of celebration that promoted movie making, passion, talent and the Hollywood dream for millions of people around the world are over.  

Anybody who watched the show on ABC Sunday night came to that clear conclusion. It was obvious going in that would be the result of the show, and it did not disappoint in that regard. 

Piers Morgan wrote a guest commentary for the Daily Mail on Monday. The headline for the story was:  “RIP The Oscars- these grim, woke ravaged, fun devoid awards were a howlingly dull train-wreck that killed the Hollywood dream stone dead.”

There was no host, no humor, no life, no musical number. Just lots, and lots of somberness and self-congratulating.  There was a time, not long ago, when the people at this show enjoyed being there and were ecstatic about winning. 

If you missed the show, you have something in common with almost the entire country. Ratings should come out later Monday or Tuesday, but they will be dismal.  It will take a few hours for Disney execs to spin this in a way that makes sense, so maybe it will be late Tuesday or Wednesday when we find out. 

Here’s other entertaining headlines about the 93rd Academy Awards. 

Oscars So Awkward. (Morning Brew)

Oscars 2021: A very different show – intimate, muted and (mostly) serious. (BBC)

This year’s Oscars tortured viewers for more than three unbearable hours.  (NY Post)

The show was a debacle, it would almost impossible to argue against that fact, but the ending was flat- out embarrassing.   The producers completely changed the order of the award presentations at the conclusion.  The show typically ends with the Best Picture award presentation, but this time they capped the show with the Best Actor award, which everybody assumed would be presented to Chadwick Boseman. 

Incredibly, the award went to Anthony Hopkins, who wasn’t even in attendance in the train station where they held the show. 

Close the curtain on the show, and the Hollywood mystique, which many people feel died a painful death on April 25, 2021. 

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