The death of Prince in 2016 showed us that fentanyl does not discriminate and can kill anyone exposed to it. It also reflected just how messy and complicated things could get when an iconic star dies, and his music catalog is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The next star who died before he should have and whose estate is considering cashing in on his songs is Michael Jackson, and some considerable dollar amounts are being floated. 

A report in TMZ said the MJ estate doesn’t plan to sell Michael’s entire catalog outright, but they could be down for making a fortune by splitting it 50/50 if the price is high enough. And that number could be just south of $1 billion. A 50% interest of $900 million is something his estate would consider, according to the TMZ story. 

Who’s got the dough to do this? Sony, the music label Michael was with most of his career. 

If there are any doubts about who the king of pop is, the value of MJ’s music catalog settles it. Remember, his estate is considering selling 50% of the rights to his catalog. That values the entire catalog at $1.8 billion. Recently Justin Bieber sold his entire catalog for $200 million. Not bad. Bruce Springsteen is one of the OG’s of pop music, and he got $500 million for total ownership. 

MJ’s deal, if it happened, would be the biggest. Ever. 

By the way, if you’re wondering who controls the estate, Jackson left 40% of it to his mother, Katherine. She got a check for $100 million when Michael died and a monthly stipend of $67,000.  Michael’s three kids are also worth nine figures and will make tens of millions or much more if the catalog sale goes through. 

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